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How To Stay On Top Of Customer Expectations Using Digital Media


Most of us are aware that the customer of today is always connected and searching for convenient, effortless solutions. Thanks to the pandemic we all got to experience the benefits and accessibility of online services, so why turn back to old ways?

This rapid adoption of technology and digital-enabled services has turned up the pressure for businesses to perform and meet new expectations. That said, businesses with a tight budget or limited access to resources might be feeling a slight sense of doom.

However, by tweaking your existing use of digital tools, or investing in new ones where need be, every business can successfully stay on top of the game.

What exactly are customers expecting?

According to Microsoft, 54 percent of global consumers say that their expectations of customer service are much higher compared to last year. Whether this includes online self-service options or faster digital responses, the demand for on the ball services is everywhere.

To take expectations even further, Deloitte’s 2021 Global Marketing Trends report indicates that customers are expecting one-on-one service to include a high level of personalisation and engagement.

On a slightly less digital note, customers are also expecting brands to be more socially and environmentally responsible. Kantar South Africa, asked consumers what their main expectations were for brands and this is what they said: 28 percent of consumers want brands to “be an example and guide the change” whilst 69 percent agree that local is lekker.

Digital expectations require digital solutions

To keep up with these expectations it is imperative that businesses shift towards a digital mindset and implement actionable solutions such as:

1. Training employees to become more technology-driven

The first step to meeting digital expectations is ensuring that your team is comfortable with using digital channels. 79 percent of marketers say that being able to meet customer expectations depends on their own capabilities and knowledge. Regardless of the industry that you service, ensure that your team is clued up on relevant social media channels, can organise and understand data, automate important processes and accurately measure results. This will allow everyone to grasp the deeper data-driven concepts behind customer expectations, whilst adapting your services to deliver to these personalised needs.

2. Investing in CRM software

Investing in Customer Relationship Management software is crucial if you want to knock customers off their feet with efficient services. CRM software is hugely beneficial for businesses that already use a variety of online channels to interact with customers. Essentially, CRM gathers all the valuable customer information from different channels and organise it in one place. Now your team can easily access customer profiles, purchasing records and previous communication you’ve had with them allowing you to improve one-on-one services and meet specific needs.

3. Adapting your messaging to be more sincere and engaging

To address the expectation for local brands to act more responsibly we turn to a relatively simple solution – use digital words wisely. Whether consumers are searching online for a local service or scrolling through social media, the first thing that meets the eye is your digital messages. Is it sincere? Does it resonate with consumers? Is your written content meaningful and driving change? The words used to market the value and authenticity of your services will all influence consumer’s perception that your brand can either deliver on their expectations or not. Social media content is also a great way to inform them about your brand values and how it aims to bring about change.

The time to exceed expectations is now

By challenging your business to stay ahead of customer expectations you increase the chances of improving your service delivery, as well as your reputation. Most importantly your team will be equipped with digital skills and a forward-thinking mindset that enables them to tackle and exceed all expectations.

If Infinite is a small marketing agency that helps companies to communicate in a big way online. Contact us for more tips on how to exceed your customers’ expectations in the digital space.

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