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2023 Marketing Trends you shouldn’t ignore

We have made it through our first post-pandemic year. We’re over the masks and lockdowns and living in boxes. There is a sense of newfound freedom, and this seems to have brought us back to a place where we want to enjoy browsing and shopping as a fun experience just like it was in pre-covid times. As consumers, we want to be thrilled by good marketing content campaigns that resonate with our inner desires. We want the ease of use and excellent service, offline and online. We have grown tired of fodder-driven, meaningless, lead-generation campaigns.

In fact, in 2023 we will see a shift towards creative brand awareness campaigns again. But, this time the market is going to be much tougher and more competitive than ever before and brands are going to need to keep on their toes.

Keeping this in mind, here are the 5 marketing trends of 2023 that shouldn’t be ignored. Use the information to plan your marketing for next year and stay ahead of the curve.

  1. SEO strategy is everything

We must know by now that for our brand to be discovered in the marketplace, we absolutely must consider an SEO strategy. In fact, as Google algorithms have evolved, SEO has become a lot less about churning out basic posts that answer simple search queries. Now, brands are investing in marketing experts who specialise in SEO to help them with everything from search insight reports to multimedia optimisation.

  1. Write great blogs

Blogs are the marketing content that just keeps on giving. They have been around for years and ultimately continue to evolve as a way for websites to become more searchable. Without regularly feeding your website with well-written blogs, you simply cannot implement a robust SEO strategy. And if you ever thought that consumers didn’t bother reading blogs, then think again, because recent research has suggested that people not only read blogs multiple times per week but they have also purchased something from a brand after reading their blog.

  1. Cool designs

We have gone through a few years of somewhat drab DIY, template design styles, but research is suggesting that the growing number of consumers going online to shop are wanting more exciting visual experiences. They want to be drawn in by interesting graphics, easy-to-read copy, and clean, thoughtful design styles.

  1. More videos, but keep them short and sweet

TikTok has made sure that short-form video (as short as possible but no longer than 1 minute) is the way forward in the world of marketing. Research in 2022 now shows that a whopping 90% of marketers will continue using short-form video in their arsenal of tools next year, and 1 in 5 marketers plan to get into a short-form video for the very first time in 2023. The power of a good video campaign is everything in this fast-moving and over-saturated digital day and age. So, be sure to create attention-grabbing video campaigns that engage your audiences quickly and hold them.

  1. Prioritise social media

The new social media culture that has come out of Covid times isn’t nearly as interested in the number of followers as it is in the quality of content. And the best way to put out great content is to get it done by using influencers and/or content creators. It’s also no coincidence that post-pandemic social platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, are expanding their e-commerce capabilities. Trends show that consumers have been spending a lot more time searching and purchasing via social media. For this reason, customer service on these platforms must become everything in 2023.

Not sure how to strategise and implement your marketing to keep up with the 2023 trends? We can do it for you. Contact us today!



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